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We provide candid and accurate China marketplace, business and political advice beyond many others’ gushing boosterism. We’re battle-proven in one of the world’s most challenging commercial environments.

We’re more integrated than the other guys.

Allegravita is a rare combination of PR and comms science, complimented by a world-class branding and graphics studio and an exceptionally nerdy digital team. Allegravita’s integration delivers faster, cheaper and consistently on-brand.

Three continents. One agency. 

China/Hong Kong. The United States. Australia. Allegravita is a tightly-integrated independent PR & strategic communications agency operating globally. We exceed multinational agency quality with the agility of a plucky independent.

Disciplined. Methodical. Agile.

Allegravita delivers research-based communications projects within our proprietary methodology. We continually test and improve our clients’ campaigns to drive increasing returns during (and beyond) the life of the initiative.

Our workdays follow the sun.

With Allegravita offices in China/Hong Kong, New York and Sydney, we work around the clock as a single team. The sun never sets on Allegravita’s 24/7 services. Our clients’ work is completed in half the time they’d expect.

Values-driven teamwork.

Allegravita team members ascribe their efficient and creative teamwork and their straightforward client communications to the Allegravita Values—the guiding principles which ensure integrity, clarity and creativity in all our work.

Relentless delivery.

Allegravita rejects navel-gazing and prevarication. We drive ourselves daily to beat out clients’ toughest deadlines. In today’s economy, there is no other way to satisfy our clients. We’re accountable, accurate and reliable.

Did we mention we’re also nerds?

Our IT beats their IT. We’ve honed our advanced technology platform for almost a decade. Our highly efficient information and communications system ensures streamlined and accountable campaign management, delivery and tracking.

“Allegravita is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary public relations and strategic communications agency focused on the China region.”

We incorporate expert public relations abilities with a firm grasp of contemporary China-region marketplaces to help our clients to communicate more effectively, to generate more leads, to reduce the length of sales cycles, to develop and maintain excellent reputations and to manage crises if they should occur.

Operating as a single integrated agency with incorporated practices in China, Hong Kong, the United States and Australia, Allegravita provides high-quality services with a special focus on achieving excellent results in the China region.

Allegravita consistently exceeds the creative and strategic standards that savvy clients expect from multinational multi-agency conglomerates. Our highly effective campaigns are managed with agility, flexibility and accountability.

While our focus is on the China region, most of our services are equally effective in many markets worldwide, and many clients have engaged us for worldwide support.

Allegravita works within a highly-accountable and disciplined Western management style.  Our proprietary Allegravita Methodology brings an uncommon level of discipline and accountability to the work we execute for our clients.

We are proud to be an ethnically diverse organization. Allegravita’s multi-cultural team of professionals contributes the cultural heritages of Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore and the United States to every assignment we undertake.  Our teams diverse backgrounds in multiple sectors delivers extensive and in depth experience to our clients.

Achieving harmony:The idea of “天人合一” (tian ren he yi, “humans being one with the universe”) has heavily influenced Confucianism, which in turn laid the foundation for the current shape of the Chinese culture. In China, harmony encompasses the fundamental principles of nature, society and humanity. Latin for “a happy life,” Allegravita provides services which are culturally informed and focused on positive outcomes for our clients and the consumer. Allegravita clients use our marketing and strategic communications services to enter and prosper in the booming Chinese market. We use the idea of harmony to remind us that this is a market which places priceless premiums tradition as well as innovation, on success as well as responsibility.  Respect and good reputation is at the center of commercial success in China. If there is one thing we do for our clients, it is that we help them achieve their business objectives more quickly than if they were to “go it alone.”

Weekly tip for achieving harmony:

Using color harmoniously: Everything you need to know about using color the right way when doing business in China.

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